10 Tips for Traveling Internationally with Children

It might be intimidating to travel anywhere with children, let alone across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Travelling with kids requires meticulous planning and skills that come with experience. The first thing to do while planning a trip is to plan for adequate insurance coverage from a reliable provider like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance. We pen down tips and advice on how to travel overseas with children securely and (relatively) stress-free.

  1. Obtain vaccinations: Visit a travel clinic three months in advance to ensure you have enough time to receive the necessary vaccines. Our recommendation: Receive both mandatory and recommended immunisations. On multiple occasions, children travelling abroad remain safe during an outbreak due to the recommended extra vaccines.

However, in case of a medical emergency, insurance cover would help in providing necessary treatment without financial burden. Hence, search on how to buy travel health insurance online before you go.

  1. Examine passports:Ensure that the passports of your children would be valid for at least six months beyond your vacation dates. Additionally, in some countries, infant passports may only be valid for three years, so be cautious of the passport validity.
  1. Teach kids the local language:Before they arrive, teach them how to say “hi,” “goodbye,” and “thank you” in the local language of the country you may be visiting. They’ll like experimenting with the new vocabulary, which will open doors everywhere.
  1. Bring a piece of your home with you:It may be a plush animal, a blanket, or a water bottle — anything that grounds them and reminds them of home, even if they are halfway around the world.
  1. Prepare for long flights: Bring an armful of new toys, books, stickers, pencils, and crayons, as well as load your tablet with fresh applications. Children have a short attention span. Therefore, you must hold their focus from take-off to landing. Also, bring some nutritious snacks. Waiting for in-flight meals will inevitably cause blood-sugar crashes.

Flight delays, baggage loss etc., can be common in international travel and can be covered. Getting coverage for flight delays, missing connecting flights or even misplacing your passport in the hustle and bustle of dealing with cranky kids would be some of the benefits of having travel insurance.

  1. Travel light:Don’t bring anything you don’t need. You can get almost anything you need almost anywhere in the world these days, so if you’re not sure, leave it at home.
  1. Maintain as many household routines as feasible:These may consist of breakfast, familiar snacks, mommy time, and television viewing. Foreign cultures operate on radically different timetables, most notably by eating dinner late. Keeping your family’s home routine can be challenging, but it is well worth the effort to minimise tantrums and tiredness.
  1. Prioritise sleep and food:These are the two keys to the happiness of children everywhere in the world: Maintain their nutrition and rest, and everything else will fall into place. Select your late nights with care. Plan your daily activities around your children. Don’t be overly ambitious and overbook your days. Provide ample downtime.
  1. Provide options and plans:Give the children daily options so that they may participate in the decision-making process and be aware of your plans in advance. Having kids be accountable for and aware of the itinerary might drastically reduce whining.
  1. Be receptive to serendipity:When a local invites you to supper, or a fisherman offers to show you his boat, take advantage of the opportunity. Often, these are the most satisfying parts of any journey. However, ensure to get yourself and your kids insured for travel from a reliable provider like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance.

Travelling with children requires patience, so pack it along. It’s well worth the effort, as nothing is as satisfying. Kids gain a lot of adaptability through the trip and become easier to handle with each trip they take.

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