PayPal Allows for Buying & Selling Bitcoin

PayPal now offers its users to hold, buy and sell digital currencies through its new crypto feature. This article is about this news service and the help you can get from concerning reliable and affordable merchant processing services.

Bitcoin via PayPal, &

The recent months revealed how a number of big players in the tech world and investors focused their attention on Bitcoin as an opportunity for investment. Now, the payments giant PayPal has some good news concerning Bitcoin. Namely, PayPal offers a new feature that you can use to enjoy a cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet.

This is how PayPal is stepping into the cryptocurrency world. Thus, PayPal shows the potential of becoming one of the top companies offering support for digital currencies.

PayPal is planning to purchase big cryptocurrency companies with a large customer base. The payments giant is already negotiating with 3 big companies, such as BitGo. What about your eCommerce business?

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PayPal Growing Fast

PayPal has been growing faster as compared to any regular bank, and today, it’s no longer a traditional bank. PayPal users can now obtain and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum, via their PayPal accounts. The entrance of the payments giant into the crypto market enables the average person to step into the world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies began gaining traction in early 2018, and on websites, one could find easy ways to purchase and sell crypto. Today, PayPal, which is already a big player in payments and represents a highly recognizable name, is joining the cryptocurrency wave.

Now, PayPal allows for purchasing, selling, and holding 4 popular cryptocurrencies, specifically, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin, with the help of The website enables users to obtain and manage cryptocurrencies in one place.

So, PayPal offers customers to purchase, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin right from their account. To get the latest merchant processing services for your eCommerce business, turn to a true payment specialist.

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