Evan Rubinson Provides Tips for Anyone Looking to Get into the Music Industry 

Evan Rubinson is the founder of ERA Music Brands, or Evan Rubinson Audio Music Brands. While he initially did not plan on starting a career in the music industry, it is a path that he feels he was destined to go down, and thankfully, growing up surrounded by the music industry, helped give him the knowledge and background that he needed to become successful in the industry. However, he knows that not everyone has a music background and many people who would love to break into the music industry have no idea how to get started. Here are a few tips that Mr. Rubinson would love to provide anyone who is looking to get started in the industry.

One of the tips that Evan Rubinson provides for anyone who is looking to get into the music industry is to have a passion for music. The music industry is not always a lucrative field and it can be tough to get into. As such, you need to have a passion for music. Mr. Rubinson was surrounded by music his whole life and decided to enter the field to honor his dad. He feels that his passion for music is one of the reasons he was able to become successful.

Another tip that Evan Rubinson says is important for anyone looking to get into the music industry is to network. Take the time to attend as many music events as you can and network with everyone there that you can, including stagehands, singers, and those who play instruments. Attend festivals, concerts, musical events at dive bars and even music theater events. The more you surround yourself with those in the industry, the greater chance you have to discover ways that you can break into the industry.

The final tip that Evan Rubinson states is important for anyone looking to get into the music industry is to hone in on your communication and people skills. Being able to communicate well with others is far more important than a college degree, or any other skill. You need to be able to understand people and genuinely care about both people and music to really make a mark in this industry. If you are short with people, callous, or simply do not care, you likely will not be able to go far in the music industry.

Evan Rubinson went to college and started to head down a life path in the financial industry. However, after his father was diagnosed with cancer, he reassessed his life and realized how short life was. He decided to enter the music industry because he had a passion for music and because he wanted to do something to honor his father and carry on his legacy. He enjoys the work he does in the music industry, and he hopes everyone else is able to find a career that they too find fulfilling.

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