Genify for the Best APIs

Fintech is growing drastically, and there is a need for systems and solutions that can make the life of people easy through the use of technology and Finance. As we are evolving, we are observing a new growth in digital finance solutions which offer quick assistance to people in terms of offering them budgeting, credit score, bill payments, wallets, and lots more. In an era where finance is just a click away, the API can be a great element to connect the dots in the industry, and here comes the role of Genify, which makes it easy for companies to develop scalable solutions on top of the financial systems.

What is Genify API?

Genify API act as a connection between financial solutions and technology systems. Since there is a need for finance apps or software in the market, Genify offers ready-to-use APIs to level up financial services by offering solutions around Financial Categorization, Credit Scoring, Recommendation, etc. The APIs act as data source points to communicate between applications and servers to serve the consumers with the best purpose and solution through the use of intuitive apps or software.

Genify for the Best APIs – How Genify Powering Banking Products?

Genify is powering fintech and banking products by offering APIs in the following segments:

  1. Transaction Categorization API: It lets companies or finance startups build solutions around financial categorization that can easily evaluate the transactions and categorize them into a granular manner, which can make budgeting and spending analysis easy for consumers. This API can be used for B2B and B2C clients to evaluate finances. It offers more than 70 categories of transaction categorization to make the data analysis powerful and result oriented.
  1. Credit Scoring API: The analysis of credit scores depends on various factors, and lots of data must be gathered to offer the right score during the loan application process. Genify offers a solution to get reliable credit scores from traditional and alternative sources of data to evaluate the loan application of an individual. It also offers Credit Score Card Dashboard and Risk Profile.
  1. Recommendation API: There are numerous financial products in the market, right from stock investments, Life Insurance to SIP. It might become cumbersome for companies to design systems that can offer recommendations to the user based on different financial products. Here comes the role of Genify API, which makes recommendations of financial products easy for consumers to ease out the decision-making process in terms of which financial product or service is best for them.

Features of Genify API

Here are various features of Genify API:

  1. Plug and Play APIs: Genify offers Plug and Play APIs that don’t require you to write lines of code as you can easily integrate code snippets in your app or software to get access to unique data sources and algorithms.
  2. No Data Requirements: Genify API is pre-trained with data to offer the best insights and output.
  3. Machine Learning: Genify used Machine Learning to refine and fine-tune data for large data sets and models to give accurate analysis on fintech.


Startups and Companies can use Genify APIs to build fintech solutions in an innovative and reliable way. The data analysis offered by Genify is unique for financial software and apps, as it offers accurate data trained through modern mechanisms like Data Science and Machine Learning.

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