How to deposit money in your current account?

Most Indian businesses have a current account in banks to address all their financial needs. A current account gives businesses attractive offers and helps them to carry out their bank deposits and transfers easily. This type of banking account is best-suited for a greater number of day-to-day transactions and you can also have the facility of tailor-made options. Advantages of having a current account are many.

If you just have opened a current account for your business or are about to do so, then chances are that you will want to gather as much information as you can to ensure you know the operational part. You will need to know things such as how to open one, how to maintain it, how to deposit cash into the account, etc. As far as depositing cash in your current account goes, it is a fairly simple process and does not require any complex process.  Usually, cash deposits in current accounts are made using a CDM-i.e., Cash Deposit Machine. There are also other methods where you do not have to encounter a machine to do the task.

Here are some ways to deposit money into your current account:

  • Depositing cash into your account using your debit card
    • Visit any branch of your bank that has a CDM and keep your debit card with you
    • Insert your debit card in the card slot and validate your pin
    • Place your money in the cash deposit chamber and continue as per the instructions
    • Select the amount to be deposited and confirm the action
  • Depositing cash without any card
    • You can deposit money into your current account without a card as well
    • In that place, you can use your account number and proceed as per the instructions on your screen
    • In case of machines, if you are not able to get it correct the first time around, you can try again
  • Cash deposit at your branch
    • A popular method is depositing the cash amount with the cashier from your bank, who would then do the task for you
  • Depositing cash online through online banking
    • All the above methods are now a thing of the past in most cases ever since online banking has come to a forefront
    • You can simply transfer the required amount from one bank to another using your banking application or website. The user interface for online banking is now highly advanced and enables one to experience effortless and seamless banking
    • Online banking is also very convenient as it allows one to get what they want with just a few clicks. It is also very safe and secure

Depositing cash in your current account is a simple and quick task. With online banking, it has become faster than ever. Knowing about this topic and being updated, helps in ensuring your banking needs are met on time.

Disclaimer: The above article is subjective and generic in nature. It is purely for informational purposes and should not be substituted in place of professional advice.

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