Reasons That Clarify Why Does Draft Beer Taste Better?

Beer is a choice of many people’s regular drinking options. There is nothing better than an ice-cold chilled beer to ease out the stress on weekends. Whether it is canned or bottled, there are so many options available. Well, the debate on whether the draft beer is better or the regular one has been going on for ages. There is no doubt that canned beer can be a great option but there are many reasons that clearly show why does draft beer taste better. Whether it is in terms of freshness or hygiene, this is one wise option that can be chosen.

The growing business of draft beer:

As per one of the magazine’s experts, it has been noted that Americans nowadays prefer draft beer. Even if a major number of people are getting concentrated, the option of beer is also getting less. There is, however, the rise of the small brewery which of course is the tale of individual initiatives. Some people are even curious to pay for such classic quality of the hand-crafted brews over beer. Besides, it is easy to set up a brewing company as compared to a technology start-up. All it needs is better capital, good support, and valuable skills.

Why does craft beer taste so well?


One of the biggest reasons why draft beer must taste as compared to canned or bottled beer is because it stays fresh for quite a long time. The freshness of such beer has more effect on the flavor and hence beer poured from the draft is fresher and tastier as compared to the regular bottled beer.  As there is proper pressure and temperatures which are maintained while creating it, such beer stays fresh. Since these properties are offered, draft beer usually would reveal its difference over other choices. There is also unpasteurized draft beer which can maintain the freshness for the next 60 days easily while the pasteurized one can stay fresh up to 90-120 days

Not Pasteurized

Another reason what makes its taste so good is the Pasteurization. This is one way where the liquid gets heated to a high temperature so that all the germs get killed. This is important for the bottle beers as they shall be stored for quite some time before they are consumed. But in the case of draft beer, well they are just refrigerated till the time they get served.

Not much Prone to Oxidation

If there is any exposure to air well, it would lead to oxidation, this, in general, has some negative effects which can add taste to the alcohol. The hops, alcohol, and carbohydrates present in the beer are extremely susceptible to oxidation. If the bottled beer is explored to oxygen, then it will be divided into individual containers first before it gets served. On the other hand, draft beer can be stored in the huge filled-up kegs with the tops that shall be pressurized.

No Exposure of Light:

Most of the beer is made available in canned or glass bottles as it lets the light in. Light since reacting with the beer hops may lead to making it more bitter than planned. That is why the beer in the light-colored glass can be skunk as compared to that of the one in a brown bottle. The advantage of choosing the draft better is that there can be better control over the flavor till the time it is served. This means there is no need to account for factors like light exposure being considered.


There are so many things that can be enjoyed with draft beer, be it hygienic lines, freshness, or even the germ-free taste which is why regular beer is popular. That is why it is better to opt for such an option for healthy drinking. Since this business is already growing in the market quite a lot, it is wise to start one if there is enough capital and a good place to start. This type of beer is in high demand especially amongst the youth and hence first understand why draft beer tastes better and then start making the one which would be loved by all.

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