Theft of Your Bike: The Next Steps

By registering your bike, you may improve the possibility that you will be able to recover it if it is stolen, and the serial number may also serve as a deterrent to potential thieves.

Pay close attention to where and how you lock up your bike. Avoid areas that are dimly lighted. Avoid leaving your bike unattended for an extended period of time. Never leave it unlocked outside. Such advice can assist in keeping your bike in your hands. Get a tamper-resistant lock.

You can bring the wheels and seat of your bike with you if security measures are out of your price range. Although it is a hassle, doing this will keep them safe and away from thieves.

Lock your bicycle securely and in a well-lit area. Consider where and how you store your bike at home, and think about purchasing a home security camera to monitor it and prevent burglars.

How to deal with bike theft

We pray you avoid experiencing this, but hold on to hope! You can still make efforts to locate your stolen bike in a variety of methods, such as:

  • Speak with the police and file an FIR – You should file a First Information Report (FIR) at the closest police station as soon as you learn that your bike has been stolen. When you report the theft, be sure to give the responding police officer your bike’s chassis number, serial number, information about the RTO where it was registered, and more. Sharing the information is a crucial step in the claim procedure. You can track reports on a regular basis with its assistance.
  • Create an insurance claim – Call the motor bike insurance company’s helpline after filing a FIR and follow the prompts to submit a claim against bike theft. Complete the claim form with all necessary information, including the policy’s details and your bike’s registration number, among other things.
  • Notify the RTO – According to the legislation, you are required to notify the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the theft of your car. Get the RTO transfer papers and other necessary documentation by completing the necessary paperwork with them.
  • Submit the paperwork – After completing the aforementioned steps, you must send the insurance company the correctly completed bike insurance online form and the relevant supporting documentation. Generally speaking, if your bike is stolen, you may need to send the following documentation:
  • insurance policy
  • filled out properly claim settlement form
  • a copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate
  • a copy of your licence
  • Authentic FIR copy
  • RTO transfer documents and a letter to the RTO
  • Examine the local classifieds – Not all criminals have a master plan. Many people steal stuff and advertise them for sale in the local classified advertising. You can conduct your own research by browsing through these websites to see if anything interesting pops up. If you find your bike, don’t attempt to get it back. Bring this to the attention of the police, so that they can handle it and keep you safe.
  • Acceptance of claim – The bike insurance company starts the procedure for approving your claim once the police submit a “non-traceable report” saying that they were unable to locate your bike.
  • You will be compensated with your bike’s insured stated value (IDV) after the insurance company verifies and confirms the theft of your vehicle. The money you were compensated with after you claim bike insurance can help you shop around for the same bike model that you recently misplaced.

Keep these safety precautions in mind while riding your favourite item, as well as what to do in an emergency.

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