Top 5 Get-Well-Soon Flowers That You Should Get

Flowers have the power to make people feel happy. That is why these are common gifts that are given to those recuperating from illness. And numerous studies show that flowers really do contribute in making people heal and feel better faster. Thus, if you are planning to visit some sick loved one, it is a good idea to bring him hospital flowers. There are numerous flower options to choose from. Here are some good ones to consider:


Carnations are among the most practical flowers to give to those who are in recovery. The symbolism of carnations depends on their colour shade. Light reds symbolize appreciation or admiration and the dark ones represent deep affection. Pink carnations are probably the most popular ones since they somehow symbolize the idea of undying love.  Pink is also calming to the eyes. What makes carnations as great ‘get well’ flowers is that they are hypo-allergenic.


Roses are very common and that is why a lot of people get these whenever they find themselves sick. Roses symbolize so many ideas. Basically, these flowers symbolize love as well as beauty. So if you give a sick person a bouquet of roses, the ideas of love and appreciation for one’s beauty are automatically implied. Also, since it is one of the top favourite flowers, it is not hard to make sick people happy with a rose. The most loved rose colours are white, deep red, yellow, and purple.


Getting a bouquet of flowers with lilies included is also a good idea. Lilies are majestic-looking flowers that spring forth with life and cheerfulness. Lilies come in a variety of colours but if they are to be given to a sick person, then it is practical to go for a happy colour like yellow. In Greek mythology, lilies are associated with motherhood, and that it is advised to give these to mothers or people who can be considered as second mothers – like teachers for instance.


Daisies are also beautiful flowers that can lift up a sick soul. They symbolize youth, freshness, and cleanliness – ideas that can surely make an ill person a whole lot better. Daisies come in a wide range of colours. It is best to stick to bright and vivid colours in order to create an atmosphere of vibrancy rejuvenation. Aside from their colour variety, one of the reasons why daisies are very popular is that that they are very affordable.


Chrysanthemums are also a great pick. This daisy-like flower with an artful, sun-like design springs forth with so much joy and optimism. Numerous ancient cultures have a high regard for the chrysanthemum. Some cultures even believe that these flowers can contribute to long life. Available in a variety of vibrant colours, the ‘mums’ are believed by some Chinese to bring happiness and laughter to life.  Also, chrysanthemums smell lovely!

These are some good examples of flowers that can be given to sick people. The gifting of flowers definitely has its healing therapeutic qualities and that is why it is a practice that should be continued for many years to come.


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