Top-Rated iOS Apps On Hairstyles And Haircuts

Are you thinking of visiting a salon for a haircut or a new hairstyle but you are having second thoughts because you do not know the type of hairdo you want? Perhaps, it would be good to download any of the following top-rated iOS apps that will give you a better idea on a certain type of hairstyle to go for.

Celebrity Hair MakeOver Booth

This app from FunVid Apps LLC is rated 4.5 stars by iOS users. You can use it to create a totally awesome picture of yourself whilst you choose from the most popular hairstyles sported by popular Hollywood Stars. Simply take a photo from what is saved in your photo gallery or those you have posted through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and from there, you can try each of the hairstyle choices available for you. You and your friends can enjoy this app together. Just download this app at a a paltry sum of $0.99 from the App Store.

Women Hair MakeOver – Hairstyles and Haircuts Pro

A fabulous app from TakeItBeHappy, this app is rated 4 stars by iOS users. This app is considered a great solution for those of you usually having a dilemma as to having the right hairstyle and haircut that will suit you. With Women Hair MakeOver, it will be easier for you to change your hairstyles and haircuts with many different ways. Download this app free from the App Store and enjoy the many styles you can do to your hair.

Hair MakeOver – new hairstyle and haircut in a minute

If you are really confused as to the type of haircut to get or hairstyle to use for your makeover, you can rely on this 4-star app from Touch Apps. With over 290 hairstyles in its Hair MakeOver catalogue, both men and women can see how they will look in different hairstyles and haircuts. You simply have to follow three easy steps. First, choose a picture from your gallery. Second, select the hairstyle you want. Lastly, match your face with the hairstyle of your choice. Get this app for $1.99 and experience the promise of a totally fascinating way to choose the perfect hairstyle or haircut that you have always wanted to have.

Magic Hair Color HD

This app is one to die for if you are endeavouring to change your hair colour. Dye your hair digitally and check if it is indeed a good decision to change your hair’s natural colour hue. You can share your picture with friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter and get their opinion as to the hair colour choice you have made. Download Magic Hair Color HD by Black/Matrix for $0.99 and see why users have rated it 4 stars.

Hairstyle Makeover

This free app from Appdicted, rated 3.5 stars, would be a good way to see how you will look in a new hairstyle before you even sit down on a salon chair and get that style and cut done. You can take your own picture or choose from the one stored in your phone and try a hairstyle on. Share your chosen new hairstyle with friends through Facebook and see how they will react to your image. From there, you can decide whether the style can work for you or not.

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